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               All water and electrical is underground

  • All the underground water pipes and all the underground electrical cables
    were put in new in 2000.  
  • Water hydrants and electrical boxes have been put in to make yard care or
    holiday decorating easier.

                                  Riding Arena
  • It is 80ft by 80 ft.  
  • Built by Goodon Industries in 1994.
  • It is pole construction.  
  • There is galvanized steel on the roof and the walls are beige and green
  • There is a water hydrant at the south west corner of the building.
  • The floor is sand.  

                                      The Shop

  • Size is 24 ft by 40 ft
  • Built in 2000
  • Two by six construction.
  • The ceiling is 12 ft high.
  • Six inch insulation with plastic vapor barrier.
  • Three large dual pane windows.
  • Finished on the inside with 4 by 8  7/16 in. thick sheets.
  • The outside walls and roof are beige and green steel.
  • There is a 10 by 12 ft. overhead electric insulated door on the south side.  
  • There is a 30 in. man door on both the south and north ends.  
  • The north end has an extra cemented steel fenced area.
  • There is a septic tank and ejector.
  • It is wired for two twenty volt.
  • The south side in front of the overhead door has a large cement work area.
River Lot 490, Box 2
Aubigny, Manitoba R0G 0C0
Phone: (204) 882-2110
Blatta Farms